How to Clean Dog Teeth Without Brushing: 5 Easy Ways

How to Clean Dog Teeth Without Brushing

Just like regular exercise, healthy food and good nutrition, cleaning your dog’s teeth is significant to the wellbeing of your dog. Do you feel the cleaning process to be tedious as your dog puts up a fight while you try to brush his teeth? The reason behind this is that most of the dogs dislike having their teeth brushed. Thankfully, there are some steps that can help clean your dog’s teeth without brushing. We will take you through the different teeth cleaning treatments for dogs without brushing.

People often wonder if dogs need teeth cleaning. Just like human beings, dogs also need their teeth to be cleaned every time they have food. If a dog’s teeth cleaning is ignored, it can lead to foul smell, plaque, and other serious consequences. Hence, dog teeth cleaning is very important and cannot be ignored. However, brushing your dog’s teeth might be very challenging as your dog might not be willing to cooperate, or it is sometimes impossible for you to make your dog open his mouth to let you brush his teeth. Some dogs might cooperate with training, and however, for most of them, it is a difficult ordeal.

How to Clean Dog Teeth Without Brushing?

There are some alternative options that can keep your pup happy and keep his teeth clean and bacteria-free, and the best thing is these options do not involve brushing.

1. All-Natural Dental Spray:

If you would like to clean your dog’s teeth naturally, then one of the best dog teeth brushing alternatives for you is natural dental spray. These dental sprays will help kill the bacteria in your dog’s mouth without brushing. You will get different natural dental sprays but go for the one that contains antibacterial and antimicrobial agents. Refrain from buying a dental spray that contains sodium benzoate and alcohol ingredients as these can be detrimental for your dog. Although these sprays kill the bacteria slowly in your dog’s mouth, they help in breaking down the bacteria in your dog’s mouth by changing the chemistry in his mouth.

2. Water Additives Agents:

Just like dental sprays, water additives work in a similar way. Ingredients that are found in natural dental sprays are almost similar to those found in water additive agents. However, the only difference between dental sprays and water additives is that the latter is more concentrated. Hence, all you need to do is add these additives with the water bowl of your dog and help them fight against the bacteria and germs.

3. Use of Dental Gels:

Natural sprays and dental gels are very similar. However, the dental gels have ingredients that are thicker in nature, so it stays on the dog’s teeth for some time. While buying dental gels for your dog, go for the ones free from sodium benzoate and alcohol. For applying the gel to your dog’s teeth, you need to put your fingers in your dog’s mouth. If you get your fingers in your dog’s mouth, then the rest of the process is simple. The gels are a great way to coat the teeth of your dog with natural and safe cleaning ingredients. First, put the gel on your finger and then apply it slowly to your dog’s teeth for natural cleaning. Your dog will love them as they are available in some great flavors like peanut butter and so on. These gels stay on the teeth for a longer time compared to the natural sprays. Apart from killing the bacteria, they protect the teeth from any future build-up.

4. Good Quality Dog Food:

Remember, whenever it comes to your dog’s teeth cleaning, keeping your dog in good overall health is equally important. When your dog is healthy, he can fight against the bacteria, and it will make your job simpler and easier. Dog food cannot contribute much to oral hygiene, but when the body is healthy, it is well equipped to put a fight against the bacteria. While buying dog food, explore the market and go for good quality dog food. Buy food that contains natural ingredients. Look for those foods that do not contain corns, flour and also ignore foods that have artificial colors.

5. The Chewing Methods of Dogs:

Some other dog teeth brushing alternatives involve the chewing methods of dogs. The following methods are detailed below:

Chewing of Hard Bones: Chewing as we all know is one of the most favorite activity of your pup. Giving him a hard bone that can give him the pleasure of chewing and remove plaque and tartar. Bones are effective in getting rid of tartar, and they can reach underneath the gum and clean the gum line.

Dental Treats and Bully Sticks: For buying dental treats, visit the pet shop and ensure to buy the right size for your dog so he can spend chewing it for a long time. The long he chews it, the more it helps work off the tartar and plaques. The chewing activity would enable to clean the teeth and get rid of germs and bacteria.

Bully sticks are tendons that are very large pieces and your dog can spend some time chewing it. As they taste great, so your dog would love to chew it. During chewing, bully sticks will work off tartar plaque.

Some hard foods like carrots and some fresh foods are also effective in removing bacteria and tartar from your dog’s mouth.


Brushing your dog’s teeth is never a bad idea. But when your dog resists brushing, then you should try out some other dog brushing teeth alternatives. These alternatives are inexpensive and can be followed easily. Oral hygiene is important because good oral health of your dog will ensure a healthier life.

5 Easy Ways To Clean Your Dog's Teeth Without Brushing

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  1. Should mention that cooked bones can be hazardous for a dog. My dog cracked a tooth on one of those. Cooked chicken bones can splinter and cause damage or even death to a dog. I don’t give my dog bones at all anymore. Too much risk compared to any possible advantage. I am surprised this was not mentioned in this article.

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