How Long To Keep Cone On Dog After Neuter

Have you neuter your pet dog recently? Then, you must be wondering how long to keep cone on dog after neuter? In general, your pup must wear the cone for 7 to 14 days, or in some cases even longer, after getting neutered.

The time it takes for the wound to heal varies based on various factors. This includes age, wound type, lesion, surgery type, suture absorption time, suture material, and other factors. Usually, the neuter incision takes up to two weeks to heal fully. So it’s advisable to take the cone off only after the incision heals and the sutures get removed.

Out of concern, if you think the cone is hurting your pup and plan to take it off too early, you are mistaken. Dogs have a natural tendency to investigate injuries and lick them. This can cause infections. Wearing a cone will keep your dog from licking or biting the surgical site till the wound heals. In most cases, the vets recommend your pooch to wear the cone till they get their stitches removed. This will keep them from infections and help heal the wound faster. 

Purpose Of Wearing A Cone

Neutering is a surgical procedure that most pet owners opt for. The procedure involves the removal of testicles from the male dog. This helps prevent accidental breeding and aggression and reduces testicular cancer risk.

It’s best to use a plastic cone till the wound heals properly. This will prevent your dog from licking, biting, and scratching the wound site. If your dog inflames the incision, the stitching gets ripped, and the wound reopens. Using a cone keeps them from licking the wound. It also helps your puppy carry on with their daily activities without any disturbances. 

While some well-behaved puppies won’t even need a cone, most of them will need one to get fully healed. The benefits of using a cone after neutering are;

  • It prevents infection caused by biting and licking the wounded area. 
  • Heals fast without the wound getting reopened by scratching on it.

Initial Days Of Using The Cone

After neutering, it can be quite confusing for your pooch to get used to the cone, this generally happens during the initial few days of using the cone. This is why it’s best to stick around to make them feel safe and comfortable. Give them some time and see how they respond to wearing the cone.

Make sure to get the right-sized cone that fits well to avoid discomfort. The wrong sized one can make them irritated due to increased pain and discomfort. Do you find your canine pet feeling uncomfortable while using the cone? You can trim the cone to bring it to a comfortable size for your pet dog. 

So, avoid trimming to an extent where they can reach out to the wounded area. As the healing proceeds, the incision tends to get a bit itchy. Even if you plan to skip using the cone initially, you will have to use it later.   

Ideal Time To Remove The Cone After Neuter

How long your dog will have to wear a cone after getting neutered depends on their age, recovery time, and surgery type. The main intention of wearing the cone is to keep your dog from chewing or licking the affected area. So, you’ll have to keep it on till the stitches get removed. Generally, it will take 7 to 14 days for the wound to heal. Yet, wait till you get a green flag from your vet. This happens when the incision is healed and the stitches are completely off.

Though it is a must to have the cone during the entire time, if needed, you can take it off during mealtime. But, keep an eye on your pup to avoid sudden attacks on the wound. Remember to put the cone on immediately after they have finished their meal. To speed up the healing process after neutering your dog, follow the below steps:

  • Please give them the medication prescribed by the vet as scheduled. Avoid skipping or starting the medication independently, without consulting the vet.
  • Clean the affected area to avoid infections.
  • Allow the wound to heal on its own to reduce the chances of recurring. 

Time To Remove Cone For Different Neuter Procedures

Now, let’s figure out how long your dog has to wear a cone after the neuter is done. The duration varies based on the different neuter procedures.

  • After Neuter Through Surgical Procedure: 

Within a few days after the surgery, the wounded area will start itching. This is when your pup tends to scratch or bite the affected area. In general, neuter skin incisions take 10 to 14 days to heal completely. You need to keep the cone on 24/7 until the stitches get removed. Before removing, visit your vet to ensure the incision is fully healed.

  • After Laser Neuter:

These days, most vets perform neuter surgeries with lasers due to their benefits. Studies show laser neuters in dogs promote rapid recovery and reduce blood loss. It also helps reduce swelling, pain, and the risk of infection. 

Also, laser neuters give vets extreme precision while performing the procedure. So, the duration of wearing the cone happens to be the same as the surgical procedure. In some cases, the canine pets recover quickly, while it can take up to 14 days for some dogs with the laser procedure. Vets recommend using the cone until the affected area is completely healed. 

Length Of Recovery After Neutering

Most neuter skin incisions take around two to three weeks to heal fully. Male dogs, after neutering, require a much longer recovery time than female dogs. Male dogs are much smaller in size and do not have lots of muscle mass. So, it’s best to neuter male pups only once they reach 7 to 8 weeks of age. After neutering, they tend to become more anxious and stressed. This is mainly due to the pain and irritation they experience after getting neutered. So wearing a cone will keep them from biting or scratching the affected area. 

Meanwhile, female neutering incisions do not require much time for recovery and are less painful. Usually, the female pups are more resilient and recover fast from their injuries. As such, you will notice your pet dog recovering from the neuter wounds quickly within 2 to 3 weeks. This may differ if they have a severe infection or reopens the wound. Contact your vet immediately if you notice your pet is taking more time to recover and has a difficult time.

Recovery Time Of Dissolvable Stitches After Neutering

After neutering your pup, the average recovery time for dissolvable stitches can go up to 10 to 14 days. The incision site becomes itchy during this time, and your dog feels like scratching or licking the wounded area. Your pup must wear the cone to avoid this until the incision heals and the stitch is completely dissolved.

Licking the affected area after the stitches get dissolved is fine. At times, the dissolvable stitches can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks to completely dissolve. For some dogs, the internal sutures can take up to four months to dissolve completely after neuter. This varies based on age, health condition, and suture materials used.

Is It OK To Leave Your Dog Alone After Neutering?

It is best not to leave your pup home alone while wearing a cone after getting neutered. Since they must stay indoors, wait till your furry buddy is fully recovered before you leave them alone.

If you’re planning to leave them outside, make sure they have plenty of food and fresh water in their bowl. If they are sick, avoid leaving them outside for long as they tend to become more weak and dehydrated. During daylight hours, keep them indoors to prevent catching a flu cold.

Are you forced to leave your pup at home alone with the cone? If so, check on them throughout the day or get someone to take care of them while you are away. Leaving them alone with a cone after neuter can make them more anxious and stressed.

Final Thoughts

After neutering, you will notice your pup whimpering and crying out of pain. To get some comfort, they will try to lick the incision site. Licking or scratching the wounds causes infection and might reopen the surgical area. 

Your pet dog must wear a cone for 7 to 14 days until the wound heals and the stitches get removed. Wearing a cone will keep them from disturbing the wound and make the healing process fast. Are you still confused about how long your pup has to wear the cone after neuter? Consulting the vet is advisable before you remove the cone for good.


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