How to Become Your Dog’s Pack Leader: 5 Tips

5 Tips on How To Become the Pack Leader of Your Dog

Whether you want to take back control with the dog you have had for quite some time, have a puppy, or have a recently adopted pup, knowing how to become a pack leader is very important and beneficial.

However, if you are one the many dog owners out there who don’t know how to do this properly, then keep on reading. In this article, we will guide you on how to become your dog’s pack leader.

5 Tips on How To Become the Pack Leader of Your Dog

1. Get to Know More Your Dog

The very first thing that you need to do if you want to become your dog’s pack leader is to get to know more about your pet.

Keep in mind that every dog has a unique self-image and a different character. So before you proceed, make sure to familiarize yourself with these factors.

If your dog is prevailing and sees itself as the chief, you’re actually in for a tough ride. The methods needed in order to establish authority in this kind of dog is different from the phases you’re to take to become a chief leader of a pet who perceives itself to be an adherent.

On the other hand, if you teach your dog to follow what you say from the early phases of its life, you will not have to worry about understanding your pet’s behavior. But, if your dog is in the adult stage, unfortunately, it will become more difficult.

2. Set Rules

Fortunately, leadership can be easily established through persistent training and patient. It could be done by pros, however, it is best to do it yourself since you will assume the leadership role in the end. It’s crucial for the pet owner to set rules and impose them steadfastly yet fairly.

To give you some idea, here are some simple rules that will let you show your pet you are a good leader and he has a duty to follow the leader of the pack.

Always Lead the Way

If you’re walking through the doorway, walk out the door ahead of your pet at all times. By doing this, you are giving your dog an idea that you are the leader.

In fact, dogs that have the right animal training who know their place in the household will never push their owners out of the way just to get through the doorways first.

To make sure your dog will practice to wait for you before heading out the doorway, have a professional guide you. Or each time you pass through doors together, ask your dog to stay and sit.

Enter the door first and if he/she stays still say “OK”, meaning you’re letting him/her go through the door as well.

Don’t Allow Your Dog to Sleep on the Bed

No matter how you love your dog, it is good practice not to allow him/her stay on your bed and even on your furniture.

Don’t Let Your Dog Eats First

Prepare the meal of your dog and then set it aside while you are eating your own meal. Keep in mind that it is not obligatory to finish your food before allowing your pet to eat.

But for the sake of the instruction, take about 3-5 minutes to eat a portion of your meal and drink a glass of water before giving its food. With this, you are sending the message that its leader needs to eat first.

Also, only give the food when your dog isn’t demanding to be fed or whining.

3. Allow Your Dog to Do Some Exercises

In order to stay fit, they need to exercise regularly on a regular basis just like humans. Aside from ensuring that pet stays physically and mentally fit, exercising also plays a crucial role in ensuring that your dog will accept your role as its pack leader.

Jumping up, playing fetch, ringing a bell, and sitting down commands are some of the exercises that can help you. While these exercises may look insignificant to you, they’re actually sufficient particularly if you supplement them with treats or rewards.

4. Show Some Adoration

Finding a balance between companionship and leadership is one of the best ways that you can do if you want to become a successful pack leader.

There are times that owners get preoccupied with trying to show authority over their dogs that they forget to show some love.

When your pet follows your command and behaves well, it is the right time to show to your dog how happy you’re with its behavior. As a matter of fact, a dog thrives on love and reassurance. Thus, when it does something good make it a habit to praise.

5. Be Clear and Consistent

The rules you imposed should be very clear to your dog. For instance, if you forbid it to sleep in your room, and you only impose it during weekends, then it’ll be left feeling confused.

On the other hand, if you are trying to make exceptions make sure that your dog understands them well or else you will see it as a huge problem.

Consistency is also important if you want to become your dog’s pack leader. By altering the rules and creating exceptions at confusing times, you’ll definitely be causing your dog a lot of confusion.

Common Mistakes That You Need to Avoid If You Want to Become A Good Pack Leader

1. Expecting Too Much from Your Pet

If you want to become a pack leader, you need to be practical and reasonable. In fact, it would be a shame on your part if you start expecting too much from your pet, particularly if you are not doing the best that you can as a leader.

2. Leading Your Dog with Confusions and Doubts in Mind

This mistake will actually expose you to the possibility of being a total failure. Dogs can read their owners’ minds efficiently. With this in mind, it is crucial to be firm and keep your mind free from doubts while enforcing the rules.

If there is any repetition in the command, your pet has still confusion in accepting as its leader.

3. Not Having Fun

If you and your pet aren’t having fun while doing the task, obviously, there’s something wrong. Keep in mind that you will not be able to become a good and effective leader if you are stressed, frustrated, and angry. Thus when you start feeling such emotions, it is best that you take a break from your furry friend.


If you follow the tips above, you have a higher chance of being the best pack leader of your dog. Bear in mind that your pooch wants you to become the pack leader since a leader is always there for its pack.

This kind of attitude, as well as responsibility, is what makes a person a great leader. Take note, it is something animals, most especially dogs crave. Dogs need someone who can guide, so be that someone.

Nevertheless, we hope that the above-mentioned tips on how to become your dog’s pack leader have helped you a lot.

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