How to Teach Your Dog to Ignore Other Dogs on a Walk

How to Stop Your Dog From Barking and Lunging at Other Dogs

Most of the time, when we take our dog out for a walk, we often come across others who also took their dogs out. When this happens, your dog tends to look at the other dog and start to bark and lunge. Although this seems rude and dangerous, the other party might not see this as a great gesture. Also, this can make the other dog seriously injured or harmed. The other dog might not take this behavior as a friendly gesture, and this encounter can turn aggressive.

We can look at another scene from a different perspective.

When you take your dog out for a walk, they walk beside you. When they witness another dog coming their way, they do not bark or lunge at them and just ignore them. You would want this to happen with your dog.

By finding some time to train your dog could help you get this desired result when you take them for a walk. The age of your dog does not matter, and you can train them to stay disciplined or behave when you take them out for a walk.

If you bring home a puppy, then try to train them from that young age. You can also train older dogs, but it will take some time and patience. It is essential to train your dogs, despite their age, as it saves both your dog and others to stop fighting and harming others.

So, how to teach your dog to ignore other dogs on a walk?

What do you need to get started?

As a dog owner, you do not have to do much to train your dogs. But you need to find time every day and take your dog out for a walk. We often think about how to teach your dog to ignore other dogs on a walk. This will help them ignore other dogs. Some of the other things that you need are:

  • Treats to give them when they behave.
  • Patience, as your dog will tend to make mistakes in the beginning.
  • Leash to use when you take them out for a walk.
  • Time to take your dog out for a walk twice a day.

You need to have time and patience in order to train your dog correctly. Also, you need to stay calm, and this will make your puppy or dog stay calm as well.

How to Train Your Dog to Ignore Other Dogs?

In this article we will discuss the three different methods that you can use to calm down your dog when you go out for a walk with them.

1. The Attention and Reward Method

When you plan to take your dog out for a walk, call them by their name. If they come and look at you, then present them a treat. Try doing this all the time around the house until your dog looks at you whenever you call them. Then take them out and try to maintain a distance. If you notice another dog walking your way, then try to call your puppy.

If your dog looks at you, then provide them with a treat. Then gradually try this method and get close to other dogs. If your dog stays calm, then give them a treat, but if they get violent, then start from the beginning. Try to do this until you can walk closer to other dogs without your dog misbehaving or getting violent.

2. The Friend Method

If you have a friend who owns a dog, then ask them for help. Try to pursue your friend to bring their dogs to help with a training session.

Go to a vast and empty place and put a leash on your dog and stand beside them. Ask your friend to stand with their dog at least 20 feet away. Then ask your friend to walk their dogs beside you. If you see your dog barking and lunging at them, then command them not to do it. Once your dog listens to you, then give them a treat. Every week for a few days, try to have this training session for 30 minutes.

If you notice that your dog has mastered this, then you can take them out for a walk in public.

3. The Nudge Method

First, try to take your dog out for a walk around your neighborhood. Make sure you stay calm and collected when you take them for a walk. This will make your dog sense this and also keep them calm. If you notice that your dog has started to lunge and pull on the leash when they see another dog, do not pull the leash. This will make them pull the leash more.

If you see your dog pulling the leash, try to understand this and nudge them on the side with your knees. Your dog will get distracted and settle down. Give them a treat once they behave. And if he does not listen to you, then tug the leash to get their attention. Make sure to reward them for good behavior. Try to follow this for a certain period of time. Giving them time and having patience will help your dog behave around other dogs.

Why Does My Dog Bark and Lunge at Other Dogs?

We have gathered some information regarding why dogs bark and lunge at other dogs when out on a walk.

  • Many times owners tend to put their dogs in a crate or keep them in an enclosed place. This does not provide them with enough space to move around. For this reason, when you take your dog out for a walk, they tend to get violent by seeing another dog, as they want them to go away. But as you have put your dog on a leash, they can lunge and bark at the other dog causing huge chaos and also turning it violent. Most of the time, the other dog would move away, and this makes your dog feel they have done the right thing.
  • Sometimes dog owners make the mistake of putting their dog on a collar all the time. If you used to take your dog to the dog park or other places with dogs as a puppy and provided them with the opportunity to play, then you should do it after they grow up. Many times the dog owners put a leash on the dog and do not give them the opportunity to play. This makes the dog frustrated, and in return, they tend to bark when they see another dog.
  • Many dogs do not have an idea about how to socialize with other dogs. Under socializing can make your dog feel nervous when they stay around other dogs. Also, putting them on a leash makes them think they cannot run off somewhere, and they tend to bark and lunge at others.
  • Sometimes many people opt for the wrong training technique that ultimately backfires. Do not get violent and punish your dog if they bark and lunge at others. But try to train them in the right way and reward them for their achievements.

How to Stop My Dog from Barking and Lunging at Other Dogs?

We have found few strategies that you can implement in order to stop your dog from barking and lunging at other dogs.

1. If you fall in a situation where your dog starts to lunge and bark at other dogs, then try to take an emergency U-turn towards your home. And if you can’t do that, then try to move your dog out of the situation. But make sure you do not cause any inconvenience for your dog even if you stay in a difficult situation. Punishing your dog would make the situation much more difficult for you, and you will fail to train them properly.

2. Many people use the technique of feeding their dogs to calm them when they bark and lunge at other dogs. This will make them understand that if they can stay calm, then they will receive treats. To distract them in the situation, you can put the treat down on the ground and let them find it.

By following the methods discussed above, you can train your dog to ignore other dogs while out on a walk with you. The three methods discussed above can help you train your dog and stop them from barking and lunging at other dogs while out on a walk.

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