Why Does My Dog Bark Right at My Face

Have you ever wondered, “Why does my dog bark right at my face?” Barking is one-way dogs try to communicate, and unlike humans, they are not always successful in delivering their feelings to humans. 

Though there could be multiple reasons for your dog’s bark, it could get intermediating at times. And you would not want such behavior, as this could be too loud sometimes. So it is essential to know the real reason behind the barking and resolve it to stop such behavior. Ignoring this could cause more behavioral issues.

Why Does My Dog Bark Right at My Face

So here are some reasons for which your dog must have been barking:

To want your attention: Yes!! This could be one of the main reasons for your dog barking. Dogs always want their human’s attention, and this might not be the right way to ask for it. This can be accompanied by other behaviors such as scratching your leg, pushing you, and making other sounds. 

But giving your attention right away is not the solution in this case as this can become a habit, as your dogs are too smart, and they might think that this is the right way to get your attention. If your dog often shows this behavior when busy with other things, it is barking for attention.

This attention-demanding attitude can turn into anxiety disorders, so it is essential to spend a reasonable amount of time with your dog and take them out for a walk to develop a strong and secure bond.

When it wants treats: Dogs have an internal clock. So it is always recommended to make a proper timetable for your dogs. 

If at some particular time you give your dog some treat and if one day you forget, they might bark at your face to remind you of the treats that you have to offer. The same goes for any activity they have been doing at a particular time; if you miss that, they might start barking to remind you.

Due to boredom: Your dog can bark if he feels bored or frustrated. If your dog has been left alone for a long time or is not getting proper attention and exercise, he can bark for attention.

To avoid this, make sure that you don’t leave your dog alone for a long time and take them out for a walk or run.

As greetings: Yes, you heard it right, dogs often bark to greet their owners. Some dogs might bark when their owner returns home. This can be accompanied by jumps, licks, and tail wagging, which means your dog has waited for you all day.

Due to hunger: Skipping their mealtime can cause barking. As we already mentioned, dogs have a very accurate internal clock; they can figure out if you missed the time.

Lack of physical activities: Physical activities and exercise are essential for your dog’s overall health, and lack of exercise can make them bored and frustrated. So it is essential to keep them physically active and add some walks, runs, and exercises to their routine.

Because of pee-poop: Your dog can bark at your face when he needs to pee or poop. When it feels like peeing or pooping, it can often start barking, wanting to go out. This can be accompanied by going to the door, circling, scratching the door, etc. If your dog does these, then take him out for a walk.

Due to some pain, sharp barking can result from discomfort or pain. So if you ever hear such barking with panicked body language, immediately check his body and the area around him. And if there is nothing wrong externally, it could be something internal, so it is recommended to take him to the vet.

Because of Joy: Dogs do bark out of joy and excitement. When your dog barks while playing or interacting with other dogs, it indicates joy and happiness, and there is nothing to worry about.

Defensive barking is often heard, but have you ever seen it. When your dog senses some danger or some stranger near your place, it starts to bark. Your dog can also bark if it sees another dog near your house.

How to Stop Your Dog from Barking at Your Face

In most cases, you will have the option to prevent your dog from barking in your face by training him in the right way. It will require some time investment, yet you will notice that it is not as difficult as you expected it to be; you just need to involve yourself.

Also, people often try to teach their dogs by ignoring them or isolating themselves for some time. This also works, but it just needs some discipline from your side.

Nonetheless, if you have tried everything and your dog’s behavior is still not improving, you can always take a trainer’s help.

Here are a few ways in which you can stop the barking of your dog

  • Proper training
  • Make a routine
  • Adequate exercise and physical activities
  • Giving your time and attention
  • Rewarding for good behavior
  • Following a timetable
  • Be patient

But it is always necessary to know the cause of barking as it can be serious sometimes and need professional attention. Ignoring this can cause serious issues with your dog.


Barking is very natural in dogs, and it is imprinted as a way to get attention. Dogs can bark at their owner’s face for several reasons, and some of the reasons have been discussed above. But it is always important to figure out the cause if it happens regularly; though this can be annoying sometimes, this can indicate some problem.

If it does not get better, you can talk to your vet and get in touch with a good dog trainer. Training can help a lot and will make your dog more disciplined.

And most importantly, make sure that all his physical and emotional needs are fulfilled.

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