Why Does My Dog Cry When I Take A Bath

Dogs are loyal companions that stick to your side at all times. What if you need some privacy while stepping into the bathroom for a hot steamy shower but find your furry friend getting all teary-eyed outside? Are you wondering, “Why does my dog cry when I take a Bath?”

Even if you try to keep them from coming in, you will soon notice them making their way in by slipping in through the crack in the door. When you look at them or ask them why they came in, they only look at you with a pair of worried wet eyes concerned about your well-being or whatever be the reason.

It’s common for your pet dogs to stick around and even follow you into the washroom. But why do they look worried and start crying as soon as you step into the shower? Though there is no specific answer to it, let’s go through some possible reasons why your canine buddy looks so concerned and how you can attempt to resolve it.

Possible Reasons Why Your Dog Starts Crying When You Take A Shower

Here are some common reasons why your furry friend starts crying when going for a shower:

  • Bored and need your attention:

One of the main reasons they cry when their owner goes for a bath is that they could be bored and unsure what to do. It is their way of seeking attention when left alone, even for a few minutes, especially if you’ve been away from home all day and just came home. So when your pet dog knows you are home, tears are their way of letting you know they want you to play with them. 

  • Simply checking in on your safety:

If your canine buddy follows you all the way into the bathroom, it can be simply out of curiosity. Before you judge or yell at them for barging in, it is essential to understand they consider the bathroom as their territory, just like the rest of your house. It is their typical nature to patrol and make sure their space is secure for their owner to be around as a dog. 

As soon as you go into the bathroom and close the door behind you, it triggers an alert or uncomfortable feeling in them of your safety. This is often expressed through tears or whining. If neglected, they may end up barking constantly.

  • Anxious about being separated:

If your canine pet starts crying each time you leave a room or go for a shower, it indicates a panic attack indicating separation anxiety.

This is a serious concern as they get completely stressed out when their caregivers leave them, even for a short period. 

Some will try their best to stop their owners from leaving by whining or crying. If you notice your furry companion getting completely stressed out when using the bathroom, it might be due to anxiety about being left alone or separated from the caretaker. 

  • Worried you are in danger:

When you go for a bath and turn on the shower, hearing the noise, they might think you are in great danger. If your pet is not used to spending time in or around the bathtub, the noise of the shower might get them started, as they are not familiar with these sounds. This might get them thinking something is happening to you, and as an act of protection to be around you, they may either start whining or crying to get in the bathroom along with you.

Is This Behavior Normal?

It is not easy to get a specific answer to why your pet dog starts getting teary-eyed when you go for a bath, as most possible reasons would be assumptions. Some appear to be seemingly harmless, while others can be quite a serious concern. 

To be more accurate with your theories, you can get help from any professionally qualified dog trainer to find out why your dog is behaving in a particular manner. If you notice it to be a more serious case, it is advisable to visit a veterinary doctor or a veteran behaviorist.

So, How To Stop Your Dog From Crying While Taking A Shower

It would be best if you badly had a shower, and shortly after you step in to get one, your dog starts crying or whining outside your door. This can not be very pleasant! Fortunately, here are some pointers on how you can get them to stop this behavior. 

  • Distract them:

If your pup gets stressed out due to the noise coming from the shower, it’s best to block the noise with other sounds completely. You can either switch on the TV, radio or put on a song on your phone louder than the noise that comes from the shower. Giving them the things they like, such as toys or bones, will keep them occupied. You can slowly leave the room and get a good shower without them noticing it.            

  • Reinforcement training:

You can train your canine pet and encourage them to behave in a specific manner and reward them when they do so. If you’re planning to go in for a shower, you can train them in this manner:

– Let them know you’re going in for a shower. Reward them when they do not whine or bark. 

– Turn on the shower for some time and if they do not cry or whine, reward them. 

  • Dealing with separation anxiety issues:

If they’re crying or whining because they’re anxious about being separated from their owner, try giving them calming chews to calm them down while taking a bath. If it doesn’t work, the best way to handle this is to opt for counter conditioning training or visit a vet and get the right medications. 

Final Thoughts

Irrespective of whether your canine friend is scared or nervous, if they start crying when you go in for a bath, they wish to have you around and are worried about your safety. Since they also consider your bathroom as their home, they take it upon themselves to monitor everything within the boundaries, which is an inborn trait. Privacy isn’t a matter of concern for them. They are worried about making sure their human parents are safe and secure.  

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