Does My Dog Know I Love Him? 4 Signs to Look for

All dog owners love their dogs. We love them so much that we want them to know how we feel. They are our loyal companions that provide us with unconditional love. Our dogs will do anything for us, and we also want them to know that we would do the same for them. These beautiful creatures make our lives better and bring joy to our homes.

However, most dog owners wonder whether their dogs really know whether they are loved so much. Do they really understand people’s feelings and their affection? Are they capable of understanding love as an emotion? 

The short answer is yes, they do. Our dogs are capable of understanding the feeling of love for them. They can catch signals from the way we act and behave, and how we look at them. So, rest assured – your dog knows that you love him! They cannot say it, but they can feel it.

Humans and dogs have a very deep relationship ever since forever. People have an element called oxytocin, which is reserved for bonding with their babies. This element is triggered and released every time you look into the eyes of your dog, just in the same way humans are looking at babies. Even petting and playing with dogs makes human oxytocin levels rise in our bodies. That is why we feel so good when we play with dogs and cuddle with them. It strengthens our bond with them on a higher level.

Have you noticed how your dog stares at you with beautiful wet eyes? That is their way to “hug you” and show you love without speaking.

How Does The Dog Feel Your Love?

There are many signs based on which you can safely know that your dog feels your love. You have probably experienced them all by now. Just to be sure, these are the signs to look for.

  • Staring is usually the first good indicator that your dog understands your love. If you notice that your dog quietly stares at you, they are silently telling you that they love you too. Staring at you is their way of letting you know that they feel and appreciate your love. 
  • Licking is how our dogs kiss us for the love we give to them. Keep in mind that dogs only lick those who they consider to be members of their pack. Licking is their way of grooming, and they only lick those that want them to be clean and healthy. This is a pretty sure way of showing love and accepting your love. 
  • A wagging tail is another sign that your dog feels your love. We are not talking about wagging that happens when they play. We are talking about wagging that happens when you enter a room and you see your dog staring at you and softly wagging its tail. Gentle and slow wags mean that your dog is very happy to see you. When you see them like that, they know that you love them. 
  • Snuggling is another way through which dogs show you that they understand you love them. If your dog comes to snuggle, jumps into your lap, or accepts your invitation to snuggle, that is a pretty good sign that they are feeling your love.

Do Dogs Go Through Different Emotions And Feelings? 

Dogs can experience many different things almost in the same way as humans. By observing them, you can notice many symptoms of how they feel. Dogs are very loyal and attached to their owners, so they feel and behave differently when you are not around.

They are capable of showing strong empathy, and can also respond to your feelings and moods. So, for example, if you are sad, your dog will also be sad. If you are happy, your dog will be happy too. Finally, if you love your dog, they will love you back too. You do not need words to understand that your dog loves you. Speaking of words, we are coming to the next segment in the dog and human relationship.

Can Our Dogs Understand The Words We Are Telling Them? 

Researches are still being conducted about the capability of dogs to understand words. Some studies have pointed that some dogs can understand words or labels in the same way as babies. They can be trained to understand what something means, so when they hear the word, they will know what is it about.

So far, dogs are the only species that have been found that can understand labels and words. It is still not yet known whether all dogs can understand them or just certain breeds.

How To Show Your Dog That You Love Them

Your dog knows that you love him, but there are a few other things you can do to show them extra love that they will accept and understand. The following are a few good things you can do:

  • Train your dog. Teach the dog a few tricks, spend time and show how to catch a ball, or how to bring an object to you. Spending time together and playing will strengthen the bond between you and the dog, plus it will increase their confidence. All of this will show your dog that you care for them.
  • Rub their ears and belly. Their ears and bellies have nerve endings that trigger various chemical reactions inside them. Hormones for happiness and love are being released when you rub them, so your dog will know that you love them when you do this.
  • Feed them and be close when they eat. If you feed your dog with your hand, you are showing them that you are providing for them and are always there for them. They will always listen and love the people that feed them. 
  • Tell your dog that you love him. Even if dogs do not understand the words spoken, they still can understand your intention and your way of saying it. 
Does My Dog Know I Love Him? 4 Signs to Look for

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