How to Show Your Dog You Love Them: 10 Ways

How to Show Your Dog You Love Them: 10 Way

When you have a dog at home, you have a lot of responsibilities to account for. The dog changes your life in many ways. A dog can show his love in so many ways. Therefore, it is necessary for you to reciprocate the same to him. Providing the essentials like nutritious food, shelter, medical care and training, there are other ways to display your love to him.

10 Ways to Show Your Dog You Love Them

These are the top 10 ways that you can use to show your dog that you love them.

1. Snuggles:

Dogs love to snuggle. There are only a few odd ones out there that do not like cuddling up with humans. The other 99 percent are always hungry for love. With other responsibilities taking up a major part of our day like work, children, household chores, social responsibilities and so on, it is easy to forget that our little friends need some love. Take at least 15 minutes from your busy schedule every day to snuggle your dog in your lap and make your bond stronger.

2. Playtime:

We easily get busy with so many things throughout the day that makes us feel tired. We want to rest in the little time we get to ourselves at home. In doing this, we forget that our dog running around with lots of energy wants us to play with them. On the contrary, his energy can irritate us and become a nuisance. It is important to take some time out every day to play with them. It makes them feel special and loved. A simple game of fetch, tug-of-war, or playing hide and seek can never waste your time.

3. New tricks:

Getting a dog brings a lot of opportunities. We are very excited to train them in the beginning and once he gets the basics right, we leave this practice behind. As the dog ages, if he isn’t getting any mental food, then you are basically making him lazier.

To spend some quality time with them, you can teach them something new every time you have a chance. Youtube has lots of videos for every dog depending on their ability and skill. When they get the extra and sudden attention from you, they will love you even more and feel loved.

4. Make efforts:

Your dog might love a toy or they may have a favorite spot in the house. There are a lot of things about your dogs’ life that you will discover only if you spend time understanding them. Their fears or special quirks, the way they behave to certain situations can all be predicted and enjoyed if you pay close attention to their life. They understand when you make those efforts. It is, therefore, necessary to take continuous efforts throughout their lifetime to make them happy and tell them how much you love them.

5. Talking:

Just like how babies love to be talked to as they enjoy all the attention and feel special. Dogs also love interacting with you. Sure they might not understand everything you say, but all your attention to them will make them sense your love. Tell them about your day or ask them to do something with you. It also is a great therapy for you, although you may seem like a nut.

6. Treats:

Well, you need to keep the dog in discipline but spoiling them once in a while is not that bad an idea. Their treats might be reserved for certain occasions or after mealtime. But offering them a new toy or their favorite snack out of the blue is a great way to show your love to them. It is not necessary to do this every day but once in a week throw in the surprise and see the happiness on their faces. We bet it will be priceless for both of you.

7. Hang out:

Your dog may have a fixed time to play with you or go for a run with you. In reality, dogs love to accompany you anywhere and everywhere. The old saying that dogs are a man’s best friend is entire because they are bred for many years with the sole purpose of being a companion.

If you are working at home, cleaning the garden or doing anything that doesn’t harm your dog or the dog doesn’t harm your work, then why not let him hang out with you. He will simply sit next to you and move around with you, making it a great experience for both of you.

8. Grooming:

Many do not consider that dogs deserve more than just a bath and a trim. There were times when dogs were put outside the house and slept alone in the garage. Today, dogs have substituted children in many households. Even if not a substitute, they are definitely considered equal to your children. They become a part of the family. Therefore, taking them for a nice haircut or a wash and giving them a VIP treatment is a nice idea.

You can also take them out for a Spa. There are many dog spas out there but if your dog doesn’t like strangers, then it is a nice idea to do it yourself. It will cost you almost nothing and your pup will love the time spent with you. A warm bath, brushing the dog, trimming and a nice massage to their favorite spot can be priceless and a great way to spend a holiday at home.

9. Dog gears:

Owning new accessories is fun but getting them gifted is joyful. Collars, leashes, bowls, toys, etc. need to be changed frequently. It is okay to spend on these things to make your dog feel that he and his belongings are equally important. It is not only a good thing for them but also a nice way to show off your love for him in front of others. A personalized dog collar will send a loud message to your friends how much you love your dog. There are so many cool gears available in the market for dogs. You can check them out and buy what suits your budget.

10. Party:

Playdates are not only for kids. If your dog has a dog circle that he plays within the evenings or loves to hang out with, then arranging a dog party is a fantastic idea. Invite all his friends and celebrate owning a dog or a special day with lots of treats and activities. He will definitely have a great time and get exhausted by the end of the party. His happiness will know no bounds and he will know how much you love him.

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