5 Fun Brain Games For Dogs

5 Fun Brain Games For Dogs

Looking for brain simulation games for dogs? Want to play some fun games with your dog but are too tired? Read on for some super fun and intelligent mind games to play with your playful buddy! Don’t miss the Super Five Fun Brain Games for Dogs!

Dogs are intelligent, inquisitive, and playful by nature. Playing with your dog is an integral part of dog-owner relation bonding. Dogs need both physical as well as mental exercises to enhance their physical fitness, intelligence quotient, and mental well-being.

Dog parents, especially first-timers are often confused about the following:

“Are dog games necessary?”,

What games can I play with my dog?“,

“It’s snowing outside, how do I keep my pup entertained?”,

“My pup is exercising for fitness, but what do I do to sharpen his intellect?”

If you are worried about not playing dog games with your furry friend, read on for some really fun ideas about brain games for your dog.

Why brain games are important for dogs?

Brain games or mental games offer several benefits for both the dog as well as the dog owner:

  • Enhances the pup’s mental simulation.
  • Helpful in brain development.
  • Assists in improving socialization skills.
  • Teaches new words and vocabulary.
  • Reduces dog restlessness and keeps them happy.
  • It is great for improving your relationship quotient.
  • Helps to reduce boredom.
  • Great for improving discipline and developing a positive behavioral attitude.
  • Ideal for dog owners after a busy working day.
  • Decreases the instances of bad or destructive behavior.
  • Can be played indoors, no dependence on weather conditions.

The Top Five Fun Games For Dogs:

If your pup finds the brain game, boring and unchallenging, it will defeat the purpose of playing the game. It is essential that the brain game should be fun and entertaining for both you and your pet.

Here are some games that are intelligent, challenging, playful and enjoyable for both dog owners as well as pets:

1. Treasure Hunt:

Treasure Hunt or Scavenger Hunt is an ideal brain game that can be played both indoors as well as outdoors. It helps not only in challenging your pet’s thinking ability, but it also trains it in using its olfactory senses. It is fun and also asks for physical exercise.

Here’s how to play Treasure Hunt with your dog:

  1. In the initial stages, let your dog sit in a stay position.
  2. With your dog sitting in the stay position, put a few treats on the ground around it.
  3. Release the dog and tell it to “Find.”
  4. Use positive encouragement for every successful find.
  5. Practice regularly until it understands the “Find” command.
  6. Gradually build up on the challenge by hiding the treats out of sight or by increasing the distance.
  7. You can also try teaching new words to your dog like “Find Keys”, “Find Ball“, “Find Pen” as your pet keeps improving.

This “Find” game trains your pet in using its outstanding sense of smell. It also teaches them new words. The “Find” game is very rewarding for dogs. It builds up their confidence. You should also make sure that you shower your doggy friend with words of appreciation to encourage positive reinforcement.

2. Dog Puzzles:

Just as puzzle games are great mental simulators for humans, puzzle games for dogs are the perfect entertainment for your lovable dog, especially when it may be pouring or snowing heavily outside.

They are an excellent solution for dog owners to interact with their pet without taking the physical strain, especially after a weary day at work.

Here are some great dog puzzles that are very helpful in enhancing your pet’s thinking skills:

Dog puzzles are perfect for indoor use. The interactive feeder puzzles are hugely rewarding for the dog as they are able to earn treats with every successful play.

3. Ring Stackers:

Ring stackers are not just great for human toddlers but are also perfect for puppies. It teaches the agile pup the nuances of eye-paw coordination. The Ring Stacker is a classic indoor game and can be enjoyed by adult dogs as well as young pups. This is a difficult game to master as it challenges both mental as well as eye-paw coordination. As a dog parent, you should try to teach the little pup and help it master this challenging game. With your help, it will gain confidence and will be able to tackle the challenge easily. It must be noted that Wooden ring stacks are more preferred than cheap plastic ones that may contain dangerous dyes.

4. Clean Up:

Teaching how to clean up after playing with toys is as essential for pets as it is for human kids. Contrary to belief, the cleanup game can be really fun for your pet. If your pet has a toy-basket, you can teach them to clean up or put away their toys after every play session. Start by teaching your dog the “Pick It” command. You can also train your dog to pick up an object or toy by teaching it the “Pick It” command. Guide your dog to its toy basket and then train it with the “Drop It” command. As your dog, gains expertise and knowledge in the game, keep increasing the complexity by adding names of toys or objects along with the “Pick” and “Drop” commands.

5. Cup Game:

The Cup Game is also often known as the Shell Game. It is a fairly easy game to play and will keep your pet busy for a long time, as it gets a reward treat every time it wins. All you need to do is hide a treat under an opaque cup, glass, or shell with the dog watching you. Shuffle the cups and train your dog to identify the cup with the treat underneath it. The cup game helps build your dog’s sniffing skills and is a major self-assurance booster.

Brain games are boredom-busters and keep the dog busy while you are busy tackling your daily chores. Play games with your pet to keep it physically fit, mentally stimulated, and reinforce your relationship with your furry friend.

5 Brain Games to Play with Your Dog

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