Top 10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy Indoors

10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy Indoors

Looking for simple ways to keep your dog busy indoors? Discover unique and easy ideas to do away with pet boredom. The aim is to keep your little furry friend physically fit and mentally active with our interesting activities.

An idle mind is a devil’s workshop! This centuries-old adage is very apt for pet dogs too. Just like us, humans, if your dog is bored it is sure to indulge in mischief or naughty behavior.

It is of utmost importance to keep your pet busy. Dogs are inherently playful and active animals. While keeping them enclosed in homes, it is the dog parent’s responsibility to ensure they get enough physical as well as a mental exercise.

Dog owners are often looking for suggestions to entertain their bundle of joy when they are not present, and possible suggestions with regards to indoor dog activities to do with their pets when they are exhausted after a stressful day at work. Some of them are also interested in finding out about fun games to play with their bow-wow when it may be snowing outside.

A lot of dog parents are also confused about how to entertain a dog when you are not at home.

Top 10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy Indoors:

1. Puzzle Play:

Puzzle games are great mental simulators for dogs. It helps them to engage in brain enhancing mental activity. Most puzzle games are easily available in pet stores or on e-commerce websites. Some great puzzle games for dogs are Classic Kong Toy, Brick Interactive Game, Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle, and Chess Dog Toy. Dogs also like puzzles like Automatic Feeder Puzzle, Interactive Feeder Game, and Paw Hide Treat Toy as they
Simply love looking for the treats hidden inside the game.

2. Training Time:

A rainy day is a perfect excuse for reinforcing training sessions with your pet pup. When a pup is young he goes through different types of training like – potty training, sit training, fetch training, and stay training. While you are holed up indoors due to bad weather, it is a great time to rework on pet training. Such training sessions are especially helpful to young pets to reinforce the skills that they may have just learned. As always practice makes a pup perfect. And your furry friend is sure to love the training session if you reward it with yummy treats and cuddly hugs.

3. Fetch Fun:

Playing fetch is as much fun indoors as it is outdoors. If you have a long hallway, passage, stairways, corridors, or big living rooms, it can be very enjoyable to play fetch with your dog. Fetch is a great exercise for your dog and will help in burning extra calories. Simply use a softball to avoid any damage to your home.

4. Semi-stuffed Toy:

All dogs love to play with stuffed toys. They simply love to tear away at the toy. Pet stuffed toys are quite expensive, but it is quite easy and cheap to create a semi-stuffed toy at home. All you need is a Hole—ee Roller Ball, loads of stuffing fabrics, and biscuit treats. Simply stuff old fabrics inside a hole-ee Roller ball along with a biscuit treat. A semi-stuffed toy will also entertain your dog when you are not at home.

5. Hide and Seek:

Playing hide and seek is a great pass time for both the dog parent as well as the dog. It helps build upon their sense of smell, inculcates discipline, and is a fun activity. Make sure you reward your pet every time it is successful in finding you.

6. Treasure Hunt:

Treasure Hunt or the Find game is a great indoor game. It helps the dog use its olfactory senses as well as encourages it to you use its thinking abilities. It is entertaining and involves mild physical exercise. It is a rewarding experience for your pet and is great for teaching it new words.

7. Clean Up Time:

After your dog learns the “clean up” trick with toys, you can extend it for helping you with your household cleaning. If you are a messy dog parent with clothes, newspapers, books, and stuff lying around your house, your pet can help you clean up your mess. Dogs also love to pick up and drop their toys in their toy basket, especially if you reward them with treats.

8. Massage Magic:

Dogs simply love to be massaged. Your touch gives them a sense of security and comfort. A doggy massage is one of the best ways of spending a lazy afternoon with your pet pooch. Not only is a massage a great way to improve your bond with the dog, but also helps you to identify hidden bugs, fleas, and tumors in your dog’s body. Massage magic is especially helpful in calming your anxious pet during thunderstorms.

9. Bubble Bubbles:

Dogs are especially fascinated with seeing bubbles. The sight of transparent balls flying into thin air excites them. Pawing at bubbles is a fun exercise both for the dog parent as well as the dog. There are many bubble blowers that are available in pet stores which produce huge bubbles. Keep your pet’s excitement quotient high with bubby bubbles. Bubbles are a delightful combination of thrill and exercise.

10. Grooming Time:

Baths and grooming are an essential part of your pet’s hygiene routine. Giving a bath to a pet, drying it, and brushing its glossy fur is a fun experience. However, it is time-consuming and tedious. If you have time on your hand and are looking to spend a scorching summer afternoon at home, there is nothing more delightful than bathing your pet in cold water. The cold water bath is sure to cool both of you. It’s fun, healthy, and helps you bond with your pet! Alternatively, you can fill your bathtub or an inflatable pool with cold water, lots of rubber duckies and have your pet lounge away in its own private pool.

Due to the fast-paced lifestyle and increasing work pressure, it is becoming extensively difficult for dog parents to routinely take their pets out for outdoor activities. These fun ideas are simple ways to keep your dog busy indoors!

10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy and Busy Indoors

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  1. Playing hide and seek is one of our favorite pass time for both of us since i get good sweat as well. You can also try blowing bubbles for your pup to chase or creating a food puzzle that lets them do some tracking indoors

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