10 Essential Commands to Teach Your Dog

10 Essential Commands to Teach Your Dog

A dog as said by all is undoubtedly a man’s best. If you have one there is probably nothing you don’t like about your dog. However, have you ever wondered how your neighbors or your friends feel about your pet? For your dog to become the most favorite pet in the neighborhood, you need to teach the basic disciplines and give the basic training.

As a dog learns about how to behave socially, it becomes happier and more amicable. So, if you know about the essential commands to teach your dog, get started immediately. Well in case you don’t, here we will discuss the essential commands to teach your dog.

Before beginning your dog training, you need to keep the following few things in mind so that the learning process doesn’t become stressful, and your dog loves every bit of it.

  • Always be patient while training your dog.
  • Do you push your dog to learn new things.
  • Make the raining regular and consistent.
  • Refrain from punishing your dog.
  • Always practice at home before you do it in public.

10 Essential Commands to Teach Your Dog: 

Now that you know the things that you should keep in mind before exercising commands to your dog, let us learn what are the basic commands to teach a dog? The following list of dog commands and hand signals will make it easier and more convenient. 

1. Practice the Command ‘Sit’:

As a start-off, begin with the ‘sit’ command. ‘Sit’ is chosen as the first command because it is one of the easiest commands to start the training. How should you teach the sit command to your dog? The technique is to take some food especially the one that he loves close to his nose. Then move the hand in such a way that the dog bends himself to reach out to the treat. As he lowers his bottom and almost reaches a seating position, now command him to sit. Once he sits, give the treat to the dog. Do this for at least five to six times for the dog to master the command. After you think you have done a lot of practice, command your dog to sit to check if he is following the command or not.

2. Teach the Command ‘Come’:

After you have taught the sit command, it is important to teach the ‘come’ command to your dog. Remember, ‘come’ command is one of the most necessary commands as it helps the dog to come back to its owner when the grip is lost. As soon as he hears the come command, he would come to you immediately leaving the work he has been doing. For the dog to master this command, start practicing by putting a collar and leash on your dog. Bend down to its level and with soft hands, pull the leash. Once he follows the command and comes to you, treat him with something that he enjoys eating. Once he masters the command, start practicing the same without using a leash. 

3. Is Down a Difficult Command?

Down Command is regarded as one of the most difficult commands, but what is the reason behind calling it a difficult one? It is because it involves a submissive posture. Find a good smelling treat for your dog and hold it tightly in your fist. Now, holding it tightly to the dog’s snout allow him some time to sniff it. Once he sniffs it, move your hand immediately to the ground and he will follow. Now that you can bring him to the down position, say the command ‘Down’ loudly to him. When he settles down, give him affection and some treat. Down Command cannot be mastered easily. It needs several days and hours of practice to master the skill.

4. How to Teach the Stay Command ?:

Before you train your dog to adapt the ‘Stay’ Command, ensure your dog responds to sit command first.

First, teach your dog to sit and open your palm and say ‘Stay’. After asking him to stay at his place, you take a few steps back. If he stays at his position, treat him with nice food and affection. Increase the steps day by day and do not forget to reward your dog for following the Stay command.

5. Is the Drop It Command Helpful ?:

Drop It’ command comes in handy when your dog has something in his mouth and you want him to drop it. This command can also be useful while playing games with your dog. Ask the dog to drop it and if does it, reward him with treat.

6. Get rid of grabbing with Leave it Command:

Do you know with the ‘Leave it’ Command you can make your dog leave something that your dog has grabbed and you don’t like him grabbing! It could be dangerous if you apply a force to take out something that he has picked up. So, instead, you should train him leaving something with ‘Leave it’ command.

7. Is Okay the best command?:

This command is usually said at the end of all the commands. Okay shows that the dog is free now and he can move according to his own choice. For your dog to master the command, tell it frequently.

8. Use of Off Command:

You might love your dog jumping on you every time he sees you, but imagine a scenario when you are doing something important and your dog jumping on you and everything turns into a mess. So, keep your dog far from you and others by making him accustomed to the Off Command.

9. Make your Dog Stand with Stand Command:

Teach your dog the ‘stand’ command to make him stand every time it is important for him to stand- be it a Vet examination or anything else. Practice the stand command several times a day to make him learn it.

10. Stop Unwanted Behaviour with No Command:

No is a very simple command. Whenever your dog does something unwanted, stop him by saying ‘No’ to him.


Teach these 10 commands one by one to your dog. Do not be in a hurry to teach him everything all at one go. Once he masters one command, move to the second one. This will help him learn and master the command comfortably and efficiently.

10 Basic Commands to Teach Your Dog

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