10 Surprising Facts About Dog Kisses You Didn’t Know About

People call them “doggie kisses” but, to a dog, they are just licking. It happens because, over time, dogs have learned to associate licking with getting something they want more of such as food. There is also an affection component involved with these doggy kisses or licks. There are many facts written about dog kisses throughout time, so read on and check out these facts.

Facts About dog Kisses you Didn’t Know About

Fact 1: Getting Sick From dog Kisses is not Impossible but Unlikely

Although some feel that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s, that is a myth. On the other hand, their mouth is not unbelievably dirty either. Both humans and dogs have comparable amounts of bacteria in their mouths. There is a low probability that you will get sick from your dog’s kisses, but it can happen. There is a possibility of transferring diseases mouth-to-mouth between humans and their pets like staph infections.

You also need to consider what some dogs do, such as licking their private parts and eating cat poop. Do you want dog kisses now? You can help take care of the germs in their mouth from these activities by brushing their teeth and keeping the cat’s litter box out of their way. Make sure that you are taking your dog for their regular health checks. This will help to reduce any chance of your dog passing on any type of infection.

Fact 2: It Shows Social Status

It is said that when a dog kisses another dog, it shows its status in the pack. The ones giving the kisses are lower in status than the dogs receiving the kisses. These types of social cues are very important in packs. It helps the dogs establish a good solid social structure without my strife.

Fact 3: A dog Will Kiss Some People More Than Others

The reason is since kissing is a learned behavior starting from puppyhood, the one that rewarded them for doing so is who they will kiss more often. They know they will get some type of treat. If they give another person doggy kisses, they may or may not be rewarded with a treat. They want the reward, so they give the kiss to the one they know will reward them with a treat and not just praise.

Fact 4: Sensory Behavior

For some dogs, it is a sensory behavior. This means that they may kiss you because of a pleasant or pungent odor on your body. They may like the salty taste of your skin or the smell of a lotion you like to wear. When your dog smells that, they may want to kiss you.

Fact 5: Some Breeds Kiss More Than Other Breeds

Some dogs just do not give out dog kisses that often. One such breed is the Arctic breeds, Huskies, Samoyeds, Malamutes. They do not, by nature, lick that much, but they can learn the behavior. Some of the biggest givers of dog kisses are the Poodles, Labradors, and Retrievers.

Fact 6: Right and Wrong Time for Kisses

Even if you enjoy your dog giving you kisses, you should never force this behavior. Most dogs will constantly send out non-verbal signals about what they are comfortable not doing and doing. Kissing is one of these signals. What a person needs to beware of is that if you initiate it, you could be smothering them too much. This could make them feel nervous and lash out. You could be bitten. If a dog is giving you signals they do not want to give doggy kisses, do not force the issue. Respect what your dog is trying to tell you.

Fact 7: Learned Behavior

Even if the dog you own is not one that just gives doggy kisses, they can learn to do so. When you teach them, you give them a treat, as most owners do. Your dog has learned that giving a dog kiss equals a treat. This is called positive reinforcement.

Fact 8: When dog Kisses are not Safe 

Yes, there is a low risk of getting a disease or sick when getting dog kisses, but there are some people that are too high risk. These people should not be getting dog kisses. Under no circumstances should your dog be allowed to give anyone in these categories dog kisses.

  • Pregnant women
  • Elderly
  • Babies
  • Anyone with a compromised immune system, such as diabetics or undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Anyone with open sores, scratches on their face or pimples.

Fact 9: Dog Kisses are not Always for Affection.

Yes, most of the time, when you receive dog kisses, it is for affection but there can be other reasons.

  • You taste good due to food on your chin or hands.
  • They are seeking attention because you have been ignoring them too long.
  • It could be a sign of illness on the part of your dog if they are giving you a lot of dog kisses. They are trying to get your attention because they have no other way to let you know they are ill.
  • Grooming
  • Excessive dog kisses can be because of boredom, stress, or obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  • Trying to show you respect.
  • They are showing you that they will not challenge your position in the pack and will respect their owner’s leadership.
  • They just want to be affectionate.

Fact 10: Why do Dogs Kiss our Wounds?

Dogs like to give kisses to our wounds because it is their way of helping them heal. According to research, there are histatins and growth factors in their saliva that contribute to the closure of the wound. The histatins in their saliva are antifungal and antimicrobial—these help to reduce the chance of your wound becoming infected. If your dog wants to give dog kisses to your wound, let them if there is nothing on the skin like antibiotic cream.


Some feel that one of the best things about owning a dog is their big, wet, sloppy kisses, especially when they are puppies. Some do not care for it and feel it is disgusting. If you do not like dog kisses, you may have to train your dog not to do that. There always other ways that you and your dog can show affection to each other, rubbing your dog, letting them lay with you. If your dog is healthy and gets regular checkups, there is less chance of them passing on an infection to their owners.

When they are born, their mothers lick them to stimulate breathing and get them clean. Therefore, for some dogs, the licking instinct never seems to go away. Licking releases endorphins and can help a dog relieve stress. It will also give them a sense of pleasure so that is another reason why some dogs like to give their owners kisses.

10 Surprising Facts About Dog Kisses You Didn’t Know About

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