Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Kids and Families

Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Kids and Families

If you are looking for the best dog breed for kids and families, then you are in the right place.

Dogs are fun. They will play and even run with you. They are also loyal and never betray you. In fact, these are only a few of the countless reasons why many people want to have a dog.

However, with lots of options available, choosing the best dog breed that will perfectly match your kids and families can be very confusing.

To narrow down your options and ensure that you will end up with the best breed, we’ve come up with this article. Below, you will see the 10 best dog breeds where you can choose from that.

But before that, let’s first find out the things that you need to consider when choosing.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Dog Breed

1. Personality 

The dog’s personality should be the first thing that you need to consider when choosing. Some breeds are friendlier and more outgoing, while others are more susceptible to show aggression.

If you are planning to get a dog that can protect you and your family, then you will need a more aggressive breed. However, if you want a family pet, it is best that you opt for calm dog breeds.

Nevertheless, the following are some of the most important personalities that you need to examine when choosing a pet:

  • Sensitivity
  • Loyalty
  • Intelligence
  • Protectiveness
  • Activity level
  • Aggression 
  • Playfulness
  • Compatibility with other pets/animals

2. Size

The place where you are currently living may help you in deciding what size of dog you should get. Keep in mind that bigger breeds need a wider space in order to move around comfortably. Thus if you are living in a small apartment, you need to avoid such breeds, instead go for a smaller breed or a Chihuahua as this dog enjoys living in an apartment.

3. Coat

A dog that has longer coats might feel softer to hug. However, it needs consistent grooming to keep the hair in check. On the other hand, a dog that has shorter coats does not shed as its long-haired companions. Furthermore, there are dogs that are considered hypoallergenic. With this in mind, their coats produce less dander and non-shedding.

Though dog breeds that have hypoallergenic coats will not remove allergies completely, they are much easier to handle especially for people with allergies.

Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Kids and Families

1. Beagle

Beagles are happy-go-lucky dogs to love to be around people. By nature, these breeds are friendly, energetic, and cheerful. Further, their calm personality makes them the best pet for kids and families.

If your children love playing outdoors, then a beagle can be a great companion, as it needs to explore outdoors as well.

2. Bulldog

Some people are afraid of bulldogs. However, little did they know, this breed is very patient, devoted, sweet, and affectionate with children.

Aside from that, bulldogs have a strong build making it ideal for those who want a guard dog. They are also loyal, friendly, and docile that can live with other dog breeds and pets.

These dogs can comfortably live in a large house. However, you can still have a bulldog even though you are living in a compact apartment.

Another good thing about this breed is that when they see strangers or other people, they tend to behave, making it a good option for busy outgoing families. 

3. Golden Retriever

A golden retriever is known as one of the friendliest dog breeds out there thanks to its loving and gentle personalities. However, aside from that, this breed is very kind, smart, loyal, and confident. It is also patient as well as not aggressive and timid.

Golden retrievers need a lot of exercises and tend to play a lot. These breeds are obedient too. In fact, this is one reason why many people fell in love with it easily.

Either way, though they love the outdoors, golden retrievers need to live indoors as well.

4. Collies

Collies are known for their majestic flowing coats. These dog breeds are well suited for a large active family because they have a great deal of energy to spend. What’s more, your kids can play with them safely. 

5. Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds. As a matter of fact, first-time pet owners choose this dog over the others.

This breed is playful, patience, protective, loving and reliable. Another perk of this dog is that it is highly intelligent, thus you can bring to training without any issues. When trained properly, they’re very gentle and patient with kids making them a great family pet.

In addition to that, Labrador retrievers are popularly known for their strength and stamina.

6. Boxer

Because of its appearance, this large dog breed may be scared a bit. However, once you have spent time with it, you will surprise to know that boxers are playful and affectionate.

This dog breed has a lot of energies; thus it can spend hours playing outdoor with its owner and other breeds.

One of the best things about boxer is that it does not need extensive health care. Actually, proper nutrition and a couple of hours of exercise will be enough to keep it strong and healthy.

On the other hand, if you love the outdoors and like playing sports, a boxer is a good dog to have.

In addition, it is a faithful dog that loved to be caressed and pampered by its owners. These dog breeds are very attached to the people who take care of them and even distrustful strangers. That said, it is very important that you teach a boxer to socialize as early as possible. Train the dog not to come with strangers.

Not but not least, such breeds are patient and spirited, which makes them fun for children to play with and they are also protective so you can be sure that they will make your kids safe.

7. Poodle

Poodles are smart and friendly dogs, in fact, they are gentle with kids and everybody they meet. They are also outgoing by nature and have a unique hairstyle that makes them huggable. Nevertheless, since they do shed in a small quantity, they are best with kids and families with allergy issues.

8. Newfoundland

This dog breed is known for its large size, love for children, and gentle nature. In fact, Newfoundland will look for your children at all times.

Moreover, it is always full of energy and has many great personalities like intelligent, reliable, and loyal.

If you want to build a strong bond with your dog, then you should get a Newfoundland. It adapts unfamiliar places easily and looking for some ways on how to please their family and owners. However, if this dog wants to feel better and have fun, Newfoundland can be very creative.

9. Irish Setter

Irish setter has red-colored coats that make it appealing to the eyes. This dog breed is highly recommended for a family that has old, energetic and active kids since the Irish setter is also an energetic pet.

This dog is very playful and loves being around its master. However, this dog needs a lot of exercise, socialization, and love. In fact, it is also a smart and trainable companion.

The Irish setter is a dog breed that will welcome your visitors cheerfully and without making any scene like barking too loud. One more thing, this dog can survive in homes that have a yard.

10. German Shepherd

For its obedience and easy training, police often utilize German shepherd. Nevertheless, apart from that, it is an affectionate pet who loves to be close to its owner. The dog is also intelligent, brave, and faithful.

Educating this dog breed as early as possible is very important and beneficial so that they will be able to know how to get along with other people. Nevertheless, these German shepherds are actually a patient and gentle breed that makes them a perfect choice for families.


Getting a dog for the first time ever is both exciting and nerve-racking. As mentioned earlier, there are so many breeds to choose from and take note they are all so cute and adorable and if trained and socialized properly, it can be a wonderful pet for your family.

When choosing a dog breed, you need to choose wisely so that you will not end up with one that may harm your kids and family instead of protecting them. Whether your children are big or small or boisterous, hyperactive, and quiet, make sure to consider the things we mentioned a while ago. You should always be careful and vigilant about the safety of your kids and loved ones because some dog breeds are not good pets for them.

We hope that this article has helped you a lot in choosing the best dog breed that will perfectly match your kids and family.

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