How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog?

How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog

If you are a new dog owner, then it might be difficult for you to determine how often should you bathe your dog. Dog bath is very important; however, a lot of things have to be taken into consideration for bathing your dog. Every dog needs a bath and how frequently it needs a bath depends on several things such as lifestyle, breed, length of hair, level of activities, and allergic skin conditions.

5 Benefits of Bathing Your Dog:

Many dog owners wonder whether dogs need a bath or how often they need to be bathed. Before we explore further, let us try to understand the benefits of bathing your dog. 

1. Gets rid of bad smell and dirt:

Although it is obvious whenever your dog gets dirty and smelly, it is a time for a bath. Bath your dog with some dog shampoo, which will ensure good hygiene for your dog. While shampooing, avoid contact with the dog’s nose, eyes, and nose to avoid causing any irritation.

2. Maintains softer coat:

As you shampoo the body of your dog with a nice moisturizing shampoo, it maintains the coat of the dog and keeps it nicer and softer. Some dog owners use coconut oil or moisturizers to keep the moisture of the coat.

3. Minimizes Shedding:

The more you give a bath to your dog, the less he will shed his hair. If you notice your dog is shedding hair every day, and if you feel worried about him, then bathing is the best way to stop shedding. It will also ensure a cleaner home for you.

4. Gets Rid of Allergens:

Do you know the dog’s fur is the perfect place where the allergens or bacteria remain trapped? So, the more you bathe your dog, it will ensure cleaner furs with fewer allergens.

5. Monitor your dog’s wellbeing:

When you bathe your dog, you come closer to him and it is the best time to monitor your pup’s health. During bathing, ensure to check the ears, nails, teeth, and skin of your dog to rule out any redness or any abnormal growth. This is the best time to check for lice, mite, or fleas in his fur.

How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog:

It is important to understand why should you give bathe to the dog in the first place and how frequently should you bath him. Though there is no thumb rule on how frequently to bathe your dog, but following the below-mentioned factors will certainly help.

1. Smells Bad:

Give your dog a bath when he smells bad. It is a thumb rule to give him a bath when he smells bad other than the usual dog smell.

2. Talk to a Professional:

Consult vet or professionals who can guide you regarding the schedule of a dog bath depending upon the breed and size of your pup.

3. Itchy Skin:

If your dog suffers from skin problems, then medical shampoos should be prescribed for him. Medicinal shampoo is ideal for itchy skin. Remember to follow the instructions of your vet while using the medicinal shampoo.

4. Pay Attention:

Be attentive towards the skin of your dog. If you notice your dog’s skin getting dry or flaky, in that case, you are bathing him frequently, which is extracting the essential oils from his skin and coat.

5. Different Breeds:

Oily coated breeds like Basset Hound have oily coats. These dogs will require baths once a week, whereas the dogs that have double coats such as Chow Chow or Samoyeds will require less bathing and more brushing to keep a clean and soft coat.

Things That You Will Need to Bathe Your Dog:

1. Shampoo:

Depending on the coat quality of your dog, choose a shampoo which you will need while bathing him properly. While using the shampoo dilute it with water in 1:8 ratio and this will help you cover your dog in suds without overusing or wasting the product.

Make sure the ingredients used in the shampoo are suitable for your dog. If in doubt, consult a professional who can guide you on the ingredients suitable for your dog’s skin. Though a lot of shampoos may look good with their beautiful branding, but can be harmful to your dog.

2. Arrange for Lukewarm water:

Ensure not to use too cold water while shampooing your dog. Your dog will enjoy bathing in the lukewarm water just as you do.

3. Brushing the dog’s coat:

Before a bath, do not forget to comb your dog’s hair. If there is any dead hair, it will fall while shedding his coat. After shampooing is over and your dog is dry, comb the coat of your dog once again to ensure the hair is free of mats. Post bath brushing will help spread out the natural oils.

Comb the hair with a wire comb or a bristle brush for large dogs. For small dogs, you can use small-toothed combs. The most common ones are the four-sided wire combs. In addition, they are useful when it comes to cleaning your dog’s ears.

4. No Hairdryer:

A hairdryer is not good for your dog’s hair. So, refrain from using a hairdryer as they are very hot and they dry the skin.

5. Use Wet Alternatives:

You may try using dog wipes or dry shampoos for him to keep him free of dirt. Do not use wipes used for humans or babies as they contain ingredients that might be harmful to your dog.

Bathing During Winter:

Dog owners often wonder about how often should they bathe their dog in the winter. Dogs should be bathed during winter seasons as well but not as frequently as done during the summer months. If your dog has normal skin, you may bathe him once a month.

Bathing your dog too frequently can turn out to be a bad idea, and bathing once in a blue moon can also be disastrous. Just like human beings, dogs also need to be bathed. But unlike humans who can speak for themselves, bathing your dog can be tricky and needless to say it demands the dog owner to consider a few factors before making the right call. So, just don’t overdo it and understand when your furry friend needs a shower.

Things That You Will Need to Bathe Your Dog

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