How To Make Your Dog Smell Good: 7 Ways

Dogs just don’t care what they smell like. 

If they find something stinky to roll in outside, they won’t even think twice jumping in for that interesting and rewarding experience. 

For us, however, it is not so rewarding. 

Cute as he may be, that stinky smell won’t surely appeal to you and can even gradually work its way through your house if you do not clean her ASAP!

7 Ways to Make Your Dog Smell Better

So, here are some ways to keep your lovable pooch smelling nice and fresh!

1. A Doggy Bath

Probably the first thing that will instantly eliminate unpleasant smell on your dog, giving him a doggy bath goes a long way in keeping him smelling fresh and super clean. 

And this is especially needed if your Fido intentionally rolled in mud or something stinky on your backyard. Make sure to use warm water and a shampoo that is specially formulated for dogs in order to get rid of dirt and odor while keeping his coat stay soft and shiny. 

Start at the upper body of your dog working your way down the tail. Be careful not to put shampoo or water into his eyes and ears. 

You can also use conditioner, depending on the type of coat your Fido has. This should help with detangling matted furs as well as keeping his coat shiny and more manageable. 

2. Baby or Dog Wipes

If taking a bath is not an option, dog or baby wipes are your quick and easy choice. Both are gentle on your dog’s coat and will help in deodorizing him. Just be careful not to use the wipes around his eyes. 

These wipes also come in handy in keeping their paws clean before entering the house or riding the backseat of your car. 

3. Regular Grooming

Grooming your pup will not just leave him looking and feeling better, but will also make him smell better. 

Dog fur, if left unattended (especially for long-haired breeds), can cause various conditions such as severe mats, tangles, and odor. Thus, you will need to make sure that you brush your pooch’s fur regularly in order to remove any dirt or debris that may be trapped in it. This also provides great opportunity to check for lumps, bites, cuts, bumps and ticks and fleas.

After all the brushing, you can apply a grooming spray. This spray not only helps conditioner his coat but some brand also smells so good, like you are giving your pup and spritz of perfume. 

In case your dog’s fur is too long or too thick, a regular trimming can go a long in keeping him clean and fresh. A shorter coat is more manageable, takes less time to clean and even traps less dirt and debris. 

4. Tooth Brushing

Plaque contains bacteria and also harbor bits of old food which can be responsible for your dog’s stinky breath. Thus, you will need to clean his teeth with a soft toothbrush and get rid of this sticky coating. This should keep your dog’s mouth clean and fresh. Just remember to always use dog toothpaste and not your own toothpaste.

In addition, you can also give him crunchy, hard and chewy foods and toys can help keep those plaque scraped off of his teeth. 

5. Clean His Ears and Eyes

In addition to stinky breath, dog’s ears and eyes can get particularly smelly if they are not cleaned on a regular basis. 

Using a cotton ball with baby oil, gently wipe the inside of your Fido’s ears, working from the inside to the outside of his ears. Be very gentle with the cleaning process since dogs have really sensitive ears. In case the smell persists or your dog often scratches his ears, then you can make an appointment with your vet to see underlying causes. 

For cleaning his eyes, you can use a wet facecloth or a wet cotton ball to clean the areas around his eyes. Be careful not to accidentally poke his eyes. 

6. Feed Him Healthy Foods

The old adage “You are what you eat”, not only applies to us humans, but also to dogs as well. If you give your Fido good quality foods, then you are providing him the nutrient he needs to stay healthy and happy. 

Search for dog foods which offer high-quality meat source and stay away from products that use cheap fillers such as soy, corn, and wheat. Feed him a balanced diet in order to lessen the chances of having flatulence and giving him an overall better coat and skin. 

7. Clean His Beds and Blankets

Thinking about it, your Fido spends a lot of time lying on his blankets or bed when you’re busy or when you’re not around to play with him. 

And overtime, his bedding will start smelling nasty too! Thus, you will need to keep these areas clean and wash his bedding, blankets and even chew toys regularly so that the foul odor will not persist.

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