A Beginner’s Guide to Get Rid of Dog Smell In Your House

How To Get Rid Of Dog Smell In Your House

This beginner’s guide to getting rid of dog smell provides a detailed insight to the reasons behind why dog’s smell or stink, as well as discover easy ways to get rid of the dog smell in your house.

Dogs are a pleasure to have around us, but sometimes their doggie stink can be a major problem. Dog smell is usually pungent and can leave your home stinking like a kennel.

Truth to be told most dog owners love the way their dog smells: most dogs emit a natural odor. Natural dog smell can be attributed to the release of oil which aids in maintaining healthy fur and skin. A light yeasty smell also emanates from the glands of dogs ears. These normal smells are what most dog lovers really adore and can be easily controlled with regular baths and grooming.

However, it is important to look out for strong, overpowering, and bitter odor emitting from your canine. Not only is it a terrible experience for everyone in the house, but it may indicate signs of a serious infection or other health issues that your dog may be suffering from.

Causes of Abnormal Dog Smell – Why Do Dogs Smell Bad?

• Poor grooming:

A healthy and good smelling dog needs regular baths, proper grooming, and a lot of care. It is essential to bathe your furry friend at regular intervals, clean it with a cloth, and even brush its shiny fur regularly. Very often the main cause of a pet emitting foul smell is a lazy owner.

• Getting dirty while playing:

The most common cause of dirty smelling pet dog is that it may have rolled in or played in a dirty environment. If your dog has been in a stinking pond, foraying into rubbish pits, or playing away in a dirt pit, it is sure to stink like a skunk.

• Yeast Infections:

If your dog is suffering from a yeast infection, it is sure to stink excessively. Yeast infections are quite common in dogs, and the possible symptom of yeast infection is when your dog emits a foul, pungent, and musty odor that often resembles the smell of moldy popcorn or stale bread. It is often accompanied by a lot of scratching, irritation, and butt scooting.

• Infected ears:

Believe it or not, infected ears of canines are a source of terrible odors. In fact, vets are able to diagnose infected ears in dogs because of the foul smell that may be coming from them. Ear diseases such as otitis can sometimes even cause a stinky smell like the ones coming from sewage. The stronger the fetid smell, the more aggressive is the ear infection.

• Skin Infection:

Different types of skin infection ailments can cause your dog to smell abnormal. Skin infection disease like canine seborrhea is a common cause of abnormal dog odor. Sometimes dogs suffer from allergies that may lead to hyperhidrosis—a form of bacterial skin infection that produces an unpleasant smell.

• Digestive problems:

Flatulence or gas indicates digestive problems, gastric trouble, and intestinal issues. If your pet is suffering from flatulence, farting, burping, you are sure to notice a putrid and stinking smell. Like humans, occasional flatulence is normal but repeated incidents of flatulence are a sign of serious digestive troubles and may need medical intervention.

10 Ways to Get Rid of Dog Body Odor in Your House:

1. Vacuum cleaning:

Vacuum cleaning is the best method of getting rid of pet odor from carpets, rugs, mats, furniture, cushions, animal beds, and floors. It is important to use special attachments to get the best vacuum cleaning effect. Vacuum cleaning helps eliminate dog smell and also getting rid of dangerous bacteria.

2. Cleaning and mopping:

Regular cleaning and mopping with antibacterial solutions and soap also eliminate foul pet odor from your home. Furniture, curtains, upholstery, and carpets may also need to be cleaned using a liquid detergent soap in case of tough stains and odor.

3. Enzyme cleaners:

Enzyme cleaners use proteins in them to clean the residue of urine, feces, vomit, and other stains which are the most common causes of pet odor.

4. Ventilation and Fresh air:

Clean fresh air is one of the best solutions to a body odor problem. You must keep as many doors and windows open as possible to let fresh air inside your home. Proper ventilation ensures the dirty odor escapes outside and lets clean fresh air inside.

5. Air purifier:

Air purifiers with HEPA filters are also beneficial for removing stinky fur smell from your home. Air purifiers are also an ideal solution to reduce allergy-causing dust and other allergens. It is important to remember to replace the filters regularly.

6. Baking soda:

Baking soda absorbs the foul odor. Sprinkling baking soda on carpets, furniture, dog bed, dog toys, and even the dog collar helps in eliminating stinky dog smell from your home.

7. Dog wash and drying your dog:

Regularly washing and grooming your dog plays a vital role in maintaining a fresh doggy smell. However, it is important to wipe your dog’s body dry after bathing. A wet or damp fur attracts bacteria, insects, and dust particles.

8. Odor resistant beds:

A lot of dog owners are now using odor-resistant beds to effectively reduce the dog odor. A dog bed that has been treated with anti-microbial chemicals helps eliminate dog odor easily.

9. Natural Deodorizer:

A natural mixture of vinegar mixed with essential oils can be used to deodorize a room. Natural deodorizers work well in getting rid of undesirable stenches.

Dog perfumes and air fresheners:

Dog perfumes and air fresheners are also great instant solutions to deodorize a room. Dog perfumes and dog colognes can be used between bathing and grooming sessions of your dog. With the help of their fresh fragrances, you can make sure your canine emits a cool and pleasing fragrance. Air fresheners are helpful in camouflaging unpleasant smells and giving temporary reprieve.

Pet grooming is the first step towards getting rid of a foul doggy stench from your home. A little extra care ensures not just your best friend smells great but also adds to its physical and mental well-being.

10 Ways to Get Rid of Dog Body Odor in Your House

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