How to Tell If Your Dog Loves You: 10 Signs

10 Signs Your Dog Loves You More Than Anything

A hug and kiss from someone who cares for you is a sign of love. While humans can describe their love in words, dogs do not have that advantage of expressing themselves in words. However, they can give a lot of signs that indicate their love and affection for you. They might not let you cuddle them or lie next to them, as every dog has its own temperament. Your dog will show his love in his own unique way. Few signs may be too obvious, while others might come as a surprise to you.

10 Signs Your Dog Loves You More Than Anything

Read our list below for signs that will help you understand his emotions clearly.

  1. Facial expressions: It is commonly known that dogs wag their tail, bark or growl to show their love. They use their bodies to express what is on their mind. However, dogs also use their faces to express their emotions. Their expressions will give you a hint of what they are thinking. If you notice raised eyebrows and shift in the left ear backward, it is his unique way to showcase his love. Many dogs don’t have eyebrows that are easily noticeable and it might be hard to notice any movement. But if you carefully look into their eyes, you will see their affection for you and with time you can set this look apart from the others.
  2. Leaning: While it is not usual for dogs to sit next to you throughout the day, they might want to display their love once in a while by leaning against your body. Whenever dogs feel anxious, want love or some cuddling, feel insecure, they will rush to you for support. Irrespective of what they are feeling, leaning is their way to show they love and trust you more than anybody else.
  3. Synchronous yawning: Yawning is among one of the contagious things among humans. But scientists have suggested that this is not limited to humans. Dogs are also affected by this action. When someone around yawns, humans show empathy by doing it themselves. Dogs might not be showing empathy while doing this, but it is their way of showing love when their loved ones yawn.
  4. Rushes to you after meals: Food is the top priority in a dog’s life. While you are preparing his meal, they definitely stand with you until you have put their food in their bowl. After eating and finishing all its business, if your canine friend rushes to you, it is a subtle way to show his love. After all, you are the next important thing to him after food. With his tummy full, he is seeking some cuddling and puppy love from you. Your dog can go and rest in any corner of the house, but it is you he comes to. If this isn’t a sign of true love then what is! Your dog might also love to sleep near your feet with their head or paws on it.
  5. Eye Contact: Eye contacts are important and tell you how strong your bond is. You cannot make direct eye contact with just any dog. Your best “pet” friend looks into your eyes to tell you how important your presence is to him. It is said that when the dog makes direct contact with his loved one, oxytocin levels increases in him. This is the feel-good and happy hormone. Needless to say this private moment will also make you feel special and happy. 
  6. Shows calmness: As a dog owner, it is difficult to let your dog stay back alone at home every time you have to leave. You might also feel guilty about it but don’t fret, a dog that loves you will not let you feel guilty. Once they understand your daily schedule, they will let you leave them in the house calmly. It also shows that they trust you and have faith that you will be back.
  7. Excitement: Your dog might let you leave calmly but upon arrival, his excitement is beyond control. He jumps on you as though you were not around for days and start wagging his tail and running around the house in joy. Everyone wants to be greeted this way when they come back home and if you have a dog that loves you, congratulations on this gift. He is not only telling you that he loves you but also is very happy for your safe return. 
  8. Doggy smiles: Puppy smile and doggy face are words we use in our daily life when we are expressing pure love to someone. Well, they indeed say a lot about dogs also. As soon as your dog picks up your scent or overhears your voice from far away, they get excited and desperate to see you. With a relaxed expression yet open mouth, they greet you. It is their way of loving and showering their affection on you. When dogs see you, the stimulation in their brain is the same as humans on seeing their loved ones. Dogs love your voice, your scent, in conclusion, they love you. And they show this to you by coming to you with a doggy smile every time they see you.
  9. Stealing: Normal stealing is considered a bad habit, but dogs tend to steal most of your stuff for other reasons. When you are not around, they smell all your stuff for your scent. If you find your stuff scattered on the floor when you return home, don’t scold your dog. He was just trying to feel safe, secure and comfortable with all your things. It can get annoying to keep looking for a missing sock in the house, but don’t forget they can’t talk and choose to express love in unique ways. 
  10. Sleeping: Every dog sleeps with its owner. No matter how comfortable their bed and kernel are, they always prefer to sleep with you. On a couch, on your bed, or on the floor, a dog that loves you will follow you everywhere. Just like how wild animals sleep in packs, dogs also tend to sleep in packs. Since yours is a pet and has been with you since a very young age, you are his pack. Hence this behavior of sleeping with you to stay comfortable and keep both of you safe from any danger while asleep. They will wake up every time you wake up in the middle of the night. Even follow you to the bathroom, this is to show their care for you.

There might be other ways that dogs may use to indicate their love for you. Every dog is unique and so is every owner. One thing that stays common is that love, respect and loyalty do not come naturally. They have to be earned even with dogs just like between humans. The more love you give to your dog and make him feel safe, the more you can expect and get multiples in return. You never lose a friend if you have befriended a dog. A strong bond with your dog is an unbreakable bond for life and this is paramount of love that can ever exist between two living beings.

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