How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Your Car: 6 Ways

How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Your Car

There is no denying that dogs are very loveable creatures, yeah? The loyalty level that they have is also unbelievable. They’re always excited to see you, and you may always count on them to lift your spirits after a tiring day.

If you agree to what we have said above, can you remember the last time you have taken your furry friend on a ride? What’s the state of the interior of your car after your trip? Okay, we can guess that. If your dog is very energetic and playful, then your car’s interior must’ve been left with a lot of hair.

In this comprehensive article, we will teach you various methods on how to get dog hair out of your car. We will also be including some essential preventive tips. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Why Is My Dog Shedding Its Hair?

This is probably the first question that you might ask if you see a lot of hair inside your car when you and your dog go for a ride. Well, actually, this is just a natural phenomenon. Nonetheless, if you notice that your dog is losing its hair in clumps or all over its body, it is important that you understand what the possible causes might be before you consult a professional.

One common cause of your dog shedding its hair is parasite infestation. Particularly, if your dog is shedding its hair around the tail or neck, there is a high possibility that it is because of fleas. This may infest your dog and irritate their skin rapidly, thus leading to intense scratching that may cause hair loss.

Furthermore, dandruff or eczema might also be a reason for it. If your furry friend is not comfortable or their hair is distressing them, they will scratch themselves. This may lead to loss of hair over time. There are also some studies that suggest that hair loss may be due to nutritional deficiencies. It is so important to take your dog to the vet once you notice that its hair loss is out of control already. 

These are just some of the reasons why your dog’s hair is shedding. Now let’s go back to the regular programming. In the next section, we will be discussing the different ways on how you can get rid of dog hair in your car.

6 Ways On How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Your Car

Here are some of the most common ways on how to remove dog hair on your car:

1. Vacuum Cleaner

This is the most recommended cleaning method when it comes to getting your dog hair out of your car. It is mainly because it is the fastest, most effective, and the fastest method in doing the task.

You can do a speedy vacuum of the car’s interior to get all the loose hairs. After which, put a bristled vacuum attachment to clean your interior even more. The bristled attachment will help in dislodging any stubborn hair strands that are stuck on the car seat or carpet.

2. Rubber Gloves

You can use household rubber gloves that are commonly used in cleaning. Choosing this option, you should get the ones with nubs on the gloves’ palm side. If you don’t have one, you can also use a latex glove. 

Wearing the gloves, run over the car seats and carpet areas of the car using your hand. Wipe it from top to bottom –do this in one direction only. You may also dampen the glove if the dry process doesn’t do what you want it to do. Remember, moisture adds weight into the hair and it helps in clumping it.

3. Duct Tape

Duct tape or packing tape may be used in picking up pesky hairs that are left by your dog. This method is very conventional in getting rid of pet hair from any fabric. Even though you can use either packing or duct tape, the former one has a much lighter touch and is lesser likely to leave a residue of any sort.

You just need to wrap the tape around your hand –adhesive side out –and then damp it into the interior of the car. You’ll need to replace the tape as you keep on maximizing its effectiveness.

4. Velcro Curlers

This one involves a very simple process, which only involves rolling or running the curler on the surface area. This works best on stronger materials like flooring and carpet. You can also bend it –to make it handy and reach the tight spaces and corners.

5. Squeegee

This is a great option if you want to get rid of pet hair in the car quickly. It functions so much like rubber gloves. Its rubber blade is beneficial in catching pet hair as you pull it along your seats and even the car floor. It will move the pet hair in one pile for easy and quick removal.

6. Balloon

This is an unconventional method of getting rid of dog hair off your car. This method has the science to it. As a matter of fact, it uses static electricity in collecting dog hair. Overall, this method isn’t full proof, yet it’s an amazing method to get rid of larger and visible hair follicles. When it comes to the removal of deep-rooted dog hair follicles in the car, the weak static charges might be a struggle to use. It cannot also go through tight spaces –specifically in the carpet flooring of the car. 

To use this, you just need to blow the balloon and rub it into the area you want to clean. It will create static electricity on its surface. This, in turn, will attract the hair, making it stick on the balloon’s surface.

Tips On How To Prevent Dog Hair Inside Your Car

When it comes to getting rid of hair off your car, prevention is always better than cure. Having said that, you should consider doing the following tips on how to prevent dog hair inside your car:

  • Groom your dog before you let them enter your car. You should brush your dog’s coat to remove loose hair. You do not need to go full-blown and shave your dog’s hair each time you plan to give him a ride. Bear in mind that the key in here is to get rid of loose hair out of your dog. 
  • Use a travel carrier or pet crate. These are essential tools for your dogs. They work just like a baby car seat, yet you put your dog in the crate and secure it using a latch system or safety belt. In spite of the safety benefits, it’s comfortable for dogs, particularly during long commutes, as well as minimizes hair fall in your car.
  • Place a pet cover in your car seat. This is a must-have accessory for anyone who carries their pet with them in the car. These covers or blankets help protect the car’s interior, thus protecting it from mud, fur, or dirt. After your trip, you just need to remove, clean and then store so you can use it in your next travel.

Final Say

Getting rid of dog hair in your car isn’t an easy task, but there are some ways that will make it easier. Follow the tips and tricks we have included in this post –they will surely be of great help. Again, if you notice that your dog’s hair shedding is very unusual, take him/her to the vet so they get your dog checked. After all, your best friend’s life is very important –you wouldn’t want anything worse to happen.

6 Ways To Get Dog Hair Out Of Your Car

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