10 Ways to Tire Out Your Dog

Are you finding it difficult to tame your dog that is always super active and hyper? If you are struggling to find doggie exercises to tire out your dog and wondering how to stop him jumping around the house, then it is time to find some right tiring exercises for him.

Walking can be a good exercise as well a good way to tire him out, but it might get boring for both the owner and the dog after a little while. So, what do you do? Well, you may follow the 10 ways to tire out your dog.

10 Ways To Tire Out Your Dog:

The following tricks can help you tire out your dog with little hassle and with some great physical exercises.

1. Tire him out with the help of a flirt pole:

This toy is generally used for cats. Just like a fishing pole, a flirt pole or a flirt stick is a pole that has a lure attached to its end. Along with the pole, the surrounding lure also moves that encourages your dog to chase. Flirt poles are great physical and mental exercise. Flirt poles use your dog’s instinct as it encourages your dog to chase and run around. This activity is one of the best tricks to tire him out as he does all the running around while your role is to stand and move the lure of the flirt pole. As it involves physical exercise, it can be extremely tiring for your dog after running around just for two minutes. In the beginning, it is good to keep the sessions short to avoid the chances of injury. You may buy a flirt pole from a pet shop or make your own with the help of a dog toy, bungee, and some PVC pipes. 

2. Play Frisbee:

You probably have played this game some time or the other during your childhood. If you are wondering how do I make my puppy tired in that case, you may try out playing this game with anything that your dog can carry. You may use your hallway if you are playing indoors. You can make the game more challenging by combining your staircase along with the hallway space. While playing the game outdoors, toss it in the air and command your dog to catch it and bring it back to you. This activity is a great physical exercise for your dog as your dog has to do a lot of running around and all the hard work. Your job is to stand, toss the Frisbee and watch your dog run around. Start tossing the Frisbee at shorter distances and once your dog shows interest, then throw longer distances.

3. The Tug of War game:

Another simpler trick to tire out your dog is by playing the tug-of-war game with him. Besides being a great physical exercise, it trains your dog in terms of manners. This game can be physically challenging for your dog and is a great exercise for him, too. Once the game gets over, remember to put it at a safer place and out of your dog’s reach.

4. Playing with Sprinklers:

If your dog enjoys playing with water and sprinklers, this can also be a good way to tire him out. Some dogs enjoy chasing, and it is a great physical exercise for them.

5. Setting out Obstacle at Home:

Another way to tire out your dog is by setting up an obstacle at your home. You may try using furniture, toys, or cushions to set an obstacle and teach your pup how to navigate through the obstacles. Obstacles help to tire out your dog mentally and physically. It is an effective method to drain out his energy.

6. The Chasing Bubbles Game:

Chasing the bubbles can be another method to tire out your dog physically. Teach your dog the game by pointing out at the bubbles and by encouraging him to chase them. You may catch some bubbles just to show him it is a fun game to grab his attention. Dogs love chasing, and most likely it will tire him out easily. However, make sure your dog does not ingest the bubbles as they can cause stomach upset for him.

7. Take Him to a Dog Park:

Dogs enjoy company and some adore playing with other dogs. Take your dog to a dog park so he will have time to make good friends and run around the park.

8. Hiking:

A walk around the neighborhood is a good exercise for your dog but is not enough to tire him out. So, a hike around the lake or through the mountains can be more interesting physically and mentally.

9. Hide your dog food:

Make your pup work for his food. Instead of directly offering him the food, hide your dog food in different corners or at different places to keep him busy. Tire your dog out with the help of a treat-dispensing ball. Some dogs love to figure out how to get treats from puzzle toys.

10. Play Hide and Seek Game:

Hide and seek can be a game that can tire your dog out easily. Hide behind the closet or a piece of big furniture and wait for your dog to come looking for you. If he does not come looking for you, call him by his name and reward him with a treat and affection when he finds out. 


Taking your dog around the neighborhood for a walk is a good exercise but is not enough if you are planning to tire your dog out. This blog explains some tiring methods. Follow these tricks to exhaust him completely and see the difference yourself after these sessions are over. After he is tired out, he won’t be able to bounce or jump on you while you are engaged in something important.

Tips and Tricks for Tiring Out Your Dog
10 Ways to Tire Out Your Dog

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